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Michael's male caregiver thread



This is an entry dedicated to my husband. Michael started a topic on the board regarding male caregivers. So here's to you too Michael.


I had surgery on Monday. (hysterectomy) and my husband was there with me. He's a stroke survivor and the entire time he was there he found it hard to just sit and not get me things I needed or wanted before I could even ask. If he saw me reach for something (anything) he moved from where he was to get it for me. Made sure my covers were exactly how I wanted them, etc. When his son brought him back in the afternoon he bought me candy bars and other items. Thinking of things I might want. When they took the catheter out the next morning he unhooked the plugs to my I.V. machine and followed me to the potty, he walked with me through the halls to make sure I would be okay. Well you get the picture.


Then when we got home he had made a place on the sofa for me and made sure there was a little table there for me to put my stuff on. I never wanted for a thing. He waits on me hand and foot. He doesn't have to ask if I've been up and walking around because he knows how much I want to get better and am up and down like I should be. He's a wonderful caregiver. He checks my incisions because he wants to see how they are looking. He reminds me to take my temperature. He continually asks if he can get me anything. He has walked to the drugstore that's not very far from where we live and brings back goodies to surprise me.


I could actually go on and on. He's 2 and a half years out from the devastating stroke that should have killed him. He's the best husband in the world and I just love him to death. He IS my caregiver. So this one's for you honey. wub2.gif


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Glad to hear this. Not to deny your husband anything, but he learned to the best caregiver cause of you!

Your the best,


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