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What's happening?



I don't know what is happening to me, well I think it might be this hormone thing or lack thereof from the surgery. I know, I talk about it a lot. But I can't stop crying tonight. Not even for a second. It's happening as I write this now. I haven't had thoughts of not caring if I die or not in a very long time. It's 70 degrees in my house and I'm sweating, listless and crying. What the hell is going on?????????? My heart started palpating or something earlier and I didn't even care. Normally I would have at least pushed my chest to get it to beat normal again, but I didn't care if I died right then or not. Then felt guilty because I need to be here for my husband.


I"m sure I'll be sorry I wrote this tomorrow, but don't know what else to do. I feel numb, sad, so sad, hopeless, like there is no purpose for my life and oh my God how pathetic. It's like I can't see, I can't see anything.


I think maybe time to take a handful of valium and pass out till my doctor appointment tomorrow. Thank God the appt. is finally here.


Sorry you have to read this crap, but I guess I need to get it out.


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Didn't the doctors or someone tell you about the emotional side effects of the surgery?!?!?!?


I've had many friends and family members have a hyster...hyster.... oh, I can't spell the darn thing, and all but one of them went on antidepresents shortly afterwards for a while. It's a combination of hormonal changes and the fact that what makes a woman a woman (in the mind at least) is now gone.


In the experiences I've had, you're reaction is very normal.



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I can't spell it either but Michael is absolutely right. I haven't known anyone who had the surgery that didn't go through hormonal imbalance big time. The doctor needs to know about this so she/he can help. Cry your heart out tonight and don't worry if this blog will sound bad tomorrow. You need the cry and we are hearing you and hugging you.


Hang in there! It's mostly a chemical change in your body that can be corrected!




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Cindy, everyone is right on. My sis had a hysterectomy last summer and went through a rough patch too. Her doc put her on some stuff that helped her and also increased the hormones she was taking. Make sure the doc knows what you are going through, and takes it seriously.


I will send you some strength and thoughts, as you have done for me many times. Take a deep breath Cindy, it will be OK.

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Hi Cindy, I worked for OB/GYN for 6 years...what you are feeling is normal..your doctor needs to know..have you had a stroke also? hormone replacement therapy may be out of the question but there are some very good herbal drugs now that you may be able to take, they are plant based and not checmical.. hope tomorrow is better and we are thinking of you, Bonnie

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What the others all said before me is true! If you hadn't been flirting with menopause before your surgery, you are now full blown thrown into the experience! Yahoo, lucky you. Tell the doc, if there is something you can take, take it! Don't suffer with this, life is tough enough on its own.

Isn't Michael the sweetheart knowing about these things??? That is why he is Super Host! lol_2.gif



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Thanks everyone. I feel a little better this morning. Only cried once, but I don't think I can handle another episode like last nite. I cant' take hormone therapy because I had breast cancer. But will talk to my doc. about the herbal stuff and beta blocker she talked about before.


Pam you're right about Michael. He can't get away from it. He's one of us!!!!!! You know we luv ya Michael!!!


Again thanks for your advice and relpies my friends.

Cindy smile.gif

p.s. Bonnie, I didn't have a stroke. Forgot to answer that question this morning. Thanks for your advice. pash.gif

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Think the replies would beat what I got for my latest entry Michael, if I did a blog on if you are gay or not? You're a nut!


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