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My magic pill!!



Now....like Cinder, I have a majic pill. It's called estrogen!! Oh yeah. Of course my GYN said what I am going through is perfectly normal. Okay, well that's all fine and dandy but I went through hell and can't handle another one of those episodes like I said before. So, she said I can take Black Kohash (sp) and she would change my anti-depressant. I told her I was working with my G.P. on that issue and she said go ahead and talk to him about it.


So........I called the GP office as soon as I get out from seeing the GYN. "Sorry Cindy he has a full book today. What's the problem?" She got the ear full!!! lol

Anyway, she said hold on a sec., comes back on the phone. Dr. xxxxx will see you on his lunch hour. Be here at 12:30. (I just love him).


To make a very long story a bit shorter. yeah right! He was discussing the issue's of why I shouldn't take estrogen, which I already knew. I smoke (can cause blood clots in legs if they are left sedentary) and if I have any cancer cells no matter how tiny in my breast is like dumping fuel on a fire. Okay, got it, I understand the dangers.


Here is my lightbulb moment. He said "Cindy 10 days ago you were receiving estrogen from your healthy ovaries that just got cut out and thrown in the trash. If I give you estrogen it's the same as if your ovaries were giving it to you. It will be the same amount if not a bit less." And I can take them any time I want to. He suggested every day and then slowly wean off taking a total of 2 to 3 months. So my body can adapt more naturally to the effects of menopause. Right now I'm opting to take them only if I feel the symptoms of the depression coming on or if the heat WAVES (must have been a man that called them flashes) are too strong.

I asked him "If it were you, what would you do?". You can pretty much guess his answer.


Okay, so why didn't anyone else tell me about this. Take a guess?!? Yep. Lawsuits. If I get a blood clot or pop up with breast cancer, I can, but won't, come back and say it's because my doctor gave me estrogen. Freakin lawsuit happy people make me sick. So I told my doctor, whom I love, because he is always straight up honest with me. "I'll take the estrogen please".


So......Here's to majic pills and good, excuse me.........Great Doctors. Cheers.gif

Cindy biggrin.gif


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Glad you've found a plan of action that will work for you. I'm meeting you at the coffee shop some night for one of those celebration drinks you're handing out up above.



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Glad you got something.Cause man menopause sucks big time! You're either getting the sweats or crying your eyes out or ready to rip anyones head off for no reason. Ah, it is great to be female........ NOT!


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when is this supposed to start? how much time do i have left, on the average? im 42. i'm already hot natured. my mom started menopause around 46, does that mean i will too? both grandmothers were in mid fifties, could i have inherited a few extra precious years?? god this is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!


kim Argh.gifArgh.gifArgh.gifArgh.gif

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