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I am so fortunate married to great guy amazing responsible dad & husband



matches are indeed made in heaven. I feel so fortunate to be married to such a mature & responsible guy. It feels amazing that how we complement each other in so many things. Ofcourse in our family I dream & get the ball rolling in right direction, and if he feels its right thing to do then he makes sure to get all the balls rolling & get the job done. he is never afraid of whatifs if things won't go right way or if I make mistake then what, those kind of thoughts stops me doing things when I feel stakes are higher. versus he is never afraid of that, he will do things, if it goes right then woohoo & if not then believe something better is in store for you. I feel so fortunate to be married to such a great guy. must have done something right in my prior life to have him in my life.




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Hi Asha, please that you know that you have a wonderful Husband. So do I.


We are both blessed, and yes we did something right in our life.



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Asha, you are a remarkable woman married to a wonderful man.  The saying :"Handsome is as handsome does" comes to mind because it is not what a person looks like that makes them special, it is the kind deeds they do. Keep on growing together, yo complement each other so well.  Now that you will soon be an empty nester you will thrive on his kindness and appreciate his companionship.

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In my case I don't suppose I went to heaven or my match was made there but it sure does beat the first three times I was married and this year in June it will mark 17 years with this lady of my heart... So I sorta know how you must feel Asha...


In my opinion it's better late than never meeting the right person to marry.... I'll be happy the rest of my life for sure;;; So with that said...There is a right person for all of us if we just take time to look in the right places....

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