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saying yes to things even when you are uncomfortable doing it



I have read about it but this is experienced first time in my own life. its funny but I have never ventured out alone even with my family without my husband by my side in last 25 years. we both complement each other in our spiritual awakening though I feel he is in more advanced stage than me where I am still learning. So I always find I need that like minded discussion grou. It helps me recenter versus he does not need it. So past weekend I ventured out for my first spiritual retreat with my sister and brother-in-law & it was amazing experience. met so many like minded people & enjoyed our stay there. I tried meditation for the first time though I still had trouble quieting my monkey mind. we went out for hiking & ofcourse I was scared of going without my husband since I know I can always count on him, was not so sure about my sister who has her own physical issues. but of-course there were two brothers who stayed back to help out if I need any help. that small act of kindness taught me valuable lesson that when we say yes to things & do things higher power will take care of us & will surprise you with sweeter results. I met such a great people I don't know how but I was attracting positive energy & connecting with right people. Now I am planning to go to another spiritual retreat but this time with my husband. he feels he does not want to go but will come with me for me. So I m sure we are going to have great time.




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Asha for the last couple of years I have been learning to do things on my own.  It is nothing out of the ordinary usually but like you when I am out of my comfort zone I find help is provided.  The saying "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" is pretty right, we fear the unknown but once it becomes the known there is no longer a need to fear.


My advice would be as well as doing things with your husband try to continue to go out with others too.  There may come a time when, like me, you need to have that experience behind you. No-one wants to be alone but once you are alone you have to go on living anyway.

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Asha you are a fountain of positive energy. I am so happy to hear that you are going on this spiritual journey with husband and that you have made so many new friends. It is so true that great things happen when we dare to venture outside of our comfort zone and we are rewarded with many things along the way. 

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Asha,you constantly inspire me I'm late to the party just now reading your posts. The higher power always takes care of good people and I can tell you are a good person. I am blessed that today I was able to be that helping hand to some good people god works in mysterious ways.

You are blessed to have a companion to be with you are your spiritual journey.



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