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a link to a person with dementia speeking at a perth conference



I was just sent this link. its audience is everybody particularly those who struggle with defects.


in trying to use this link, I got to the web site. then must go over to the right hand side and click on "Helga speaks.." hope this works for you as I found her 27 min talk very inspiring.




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 Thank you for finding this David.She certainly speaks well and is even funny at times.  Wish everyone could retain their sense of humour like she has.

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thank you sue for you comment.   my concern due to diagnosis of cvd is that I am going to end up somewhere in the dementia world(if I am not already there already(lol)).  and I find that people such as her are truly inspiring in their acceptance of a condition that in my previous life I would have considered the ultimate nightmare.  no longer. it is simply part of life and able to be accepted as a part of life.  we should have got a better warrentee package when we entered, but I don't recall any options being presented to me.  and as you mentioned her ability to laugh, and we can laugh with her also.





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