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Writing with Aphasia



I wanted to share Bob's writing with everyone. I'll start by reminding you of his earlier attempts, that were totally mixed up, although in his head, he thought them out normally, and was surprised himself, to try to read it back to himself. You can see that the when he thinks, the words in his head are like trying to catch minows in a creek. He reaches to grab them, and maybe catches one here and there to show you, what is going on in his head. The fewer he manages to catch, the less he can present his thoughts to others:




I'd like to hare his writing that he made recently, and you can see that the words are more congruent with his thoughts. His biggest problem is incomplete sentences, but he is getting THOUGHTS out! :) Sure he still has aphasia, but with this level of communication, add in the gestures and facial moves that make it easier to understand someone in person, and he could explain it well enough that I could follow him. I didn't even realize there was a circle thing on the gun and looked up Rifleman on wikipedia, to find out what it was all about. The subject I gave him was to write a little paragraph about his favorite TV show:




WIKIPEDIA: he Rifleman's gimmick was a modified Winchester Model 1892 rifle, with a large ring lever drilled and tapped for a set screw. The lever design allowed him to *beep* the rifle by spinning it around his hand. In addition, the screw could be positioned to depress the trigger every time he worked the lever, allowing for rapid fire, emptying the magazine in under five seconds during the opening credits on North Fork's main street.


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Bob's thought patterns are certainly more understandable now Sandy,  he writes quite well too.  There is still improvement to be made I am sure but happy he has come this far.  You make a big difference in his life too.

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I asked him what the circle he mentioned was and he started showing me hand movements how it worked and explaining it.   I looked it up on Wikipedia, and meant to come back here and add what I found to explain what Bob said, but didn't get around to it.    I think I'll add it now, to the original post.

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Sandy: I have followed Bob's recovery all along. But that is why I am so thankful you keep checking in and offering to help other caregivers. You did all this on your own, with great research and great results. And that is a huge inspiration to other caregivers who have no access to professional help. Rock on baby!

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Thanks friends.    He told me today he wanted to call his brother, and I wasn't sure if brother was working so sent a facebook message to call us when he was free.    When he called, Bob did pretty darn good talking to him, it was great.    He is doing very well having a conversation, his biggest problem is if HE is the one with the idea for something he wants to say, it is hard for him to come up with the nouns.    But if we are already talking about a subject I brought up, then it is easier for him to follow and contribute.    His brother was impressed with the conversation.

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