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how God provides you with right kind of people in your life



recently in chatroom we were discussing things in general & I mentioned something about my husband/caregiver like how he refused to go for walk together since I was too slow in the beginning. some one said oh that is so supportive of your family. funny thing is I never viewed like that. his caregiving style always gave me enough space & do more for myself & family that today I feel confident enough in my abilities to be able to take care of whole family in case he choose to retire financially & physically. Ofcourse some f things I will need to get outsourced but with money you can get job done. So I feel God placed right people in my life. I feel even I got right kind of people & books in my post stroke journey when I needed it most. So I m one grateful survivor.





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My wife is like that, she wants to do everything for me but she knows I have to at least try to keep improving. So, I continue to try and she watches from the background only stopping me if it could go bad. The only thing she can't help with is my clumsy use of silverware, but she also takes me out to dinner periodically to help with my being so self conscious.


The only thing deemed off limits to me are the good kitchen knives, I'd just bleed way too much because of the blood thinners.


I also run a high tech company which isn't always easy with a brain injury but I have a good staff. I did have to correct the attitude and behavior of a couple 'kids' who thought I no longer had my intellect...


It sounds like you are going to do well on the back end of this journey, the support of family can be a powerful motivator.

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Asha like you I didn't see it as supportive but with a new look I see that it was very supper.

I believe along with our stubbornness the perseverance / stubbornness of our care providers is just as critical in our Recovery

Sis we really do think so much alike. Would you get out of my head? Lol

Peace, love joy and prayers


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Asha - I think for Bruce, since he had such a long cognitive recovery and then the overtoning, I tended to do way too much for him. But I was speaking with his PT today and now, six years down the recovery road, Bruce still won't initiate much. But, the things I insisted on and made priority, he does totally independently without prompt. So I am adding things, one at a time and we shall see. It is not that he can't certainly.

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You know what??


I agree with the subject of this blog you crafted.... God certainly provided me with the wife I have in my life now beyond any doubt..... I tried three times on my own knowledge to choose a wife and they all ended in divorce....


God knows best every time you trust in Him...... 

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