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celebrated our anniversary together



can't believe we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary together. We have been through so many ups & downs of life together. I feel my stroke allowed me to see his spiritual side which made me realize how lucky I have been married to my soulmate. We do make perfect team together. I compensate for things he is weak in & vice versa. It took both of us 24 years and stroke to start enjoying each others interests. I hope & pray we both don't start looking like each other cause I know I love my long hair lol




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Well I congratulate both of you for 24 years together and two boys in this marriage that God has blessed all this time with many more years to come.... But you do know you start to look alike after so many years together??


Look at my wife's picture in my album our hair is same length.... If you can't find it let me know I will send you one in a message.....

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