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Settling in



We are now well settled in Tennessee. The house is now our new home, not just a house. We went back to Minnesota in June to pick up some stuff we left there, camo in our RV with some good friends, and of course fish some. Wow the fishing was fantastic! I caught more large in two weeks that I usually did in a whole season when we lived there. But now I think I have closure on that season in my life. Not sure if and when we will go back there. Maybe to camp with our dear friends there, but probably not just for me to fish.


I did learn that the several month layoff from exercising took it's toll physicaly. Carrying the canoe was more difficult than it used to be. So, now that we are back I have and have the equipment again, I have started my exercise regimen again. I feel better already. Speaking of feeling better the colitis I mentioned last entry is much improved. It can come back anytime according to the doc, but at the moment everytime is back to normal. I will carry the meds that control it from now on though, just in case.


We did trade our truck for a new smaller car that better suits our lifestyle here in TN.


We really enjoy sitting on the deck watching the birds and have many, many types visiting.


We both were having alot of trouble sleeping here because of the summertime heat. Turning the A/C down in the entire house just to cool the bedroom seemed like a waste. So we had a small wall type A/C in the family room that was not being used since we had cooling ducts put in. Since it was one of those inter units that did not go thru the wall, we had it moved to the bedroom. What a difference! Now the BR is nice and cool and the rest of the house can stay at it's usual setting. Us and the dogs are all sleeping fine now.


Anyway, my coffee cup is empty, so....


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Thanks for he update George.  You seem to be settling in okay.  It an be good to go back or it can be sad.  Either way it is good you visited, helps to see your new life in a different light.

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