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Things piling up



Those of you that have read my blogs for some time know I am usually upbeat. I must confess things are piling up such that it is increasingly hard to be upbeat. The move to TN has cost way, way more than was expected. We are recovering but it will be a year before I feel comfortable with the checkbook again. That being said, we love the area and are making friends sooner than expected.


The main reason for things piling up has been my medical issues. The new to me VA doc has ordered many tests just so he can get to know me. I am used to having medical tests and having normal, nothing found results. No however each test seems to find something. No life threatening stuff but annoying all the same.


Those that remember my blog about my "family" will remember all my aliments. To which now can be added colitis (no cure but treatable and manageable), hearing deficit, swollowing disorder, sleep disorder, degerative discs in the upper back and neck, and assorted aches and pains. Getting old (will turn 70 next week) is definitely not for sissies.


VA gave me a cpap machine for the sleep problem. I am normal height and weight, never smoked but wake up groggy and need an afternoon nap. My biggest concern from the sleep test was that my pulse ox dropped to 85. Many nights have long waking periods, but initially going to sleep is easy. It is the staying that way that is hard.


After four attempts at using the cpap, I am ready to toss it in the trash. I have the nostril fitting not a complete mask since I do not open my mouth when sleeping. Keeping the thing correctly positioned when I turn on my side which is my normal position is maddening. So far it has kept me awake more than it has helped me sleep. After about 1/2 hour I throw the thing off and quickly go to sleep. Sleeping on my back has it's own problems because of the afore mentioned neck issues causing my right hand to go numb after about one hour of on the back sleeping. UGH!


Anyway the only positive I can report other than we love the area here is that next week we are going back to MN and hopefully catch some of the fish I missed while living there.


My coffee cup is empty soooo.....


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I got one sitting by my bed the VA told me to just keep it and that's been a couple years already... My wife can't get any sleep when I attempt to use that machine it keeps her awake all night and I wasn't sure it was helping me that much... I don't miss it...


There are several mask that can be used with it but I never could get the best one for my use... I guess I didn't need it after all...


Hope everything continue to work out for you there until you are really comfortable with the area and your neighbors...

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George I hear from friends who use a cpap machine it does take some getting used to.  But if you are happy with the sleep you are getting fine. The other issues you probably had anyway but ignored.  Hard to realise we are no longer that completely healthy person we used to be eh? Don't get discouraged you will work it all out. What are you doing to stay fit now?

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Sue staying fit is some of the problem. I was without my exercise equipment for several months, and now having been under the weather with colitis have not felt much like using the equipment. However, with a new to us house, Lesley has been keeping me hopping with "honey do's" and the trip back to MN should help. When we return unless something else comes up, I should be able to start exercising again and am sure I will feel better as a result.


BTW, Lesley is off to New Zealand in mid Aug for three weeks to visit mum and our son is coming here to visit for an unknown length of time in Sept.

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