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started new chapter of our life, all of us did



We dropped kido to his dorm room, everything went smoothly. ofcourse day earlier I was so mad at him being irresponsible about receipts and general things. & day later so proud of him being so responsible for doing all things right for his dorm room. Ofcourse made me feel so bad about blowing up on him day earlier. I guess thats how life is made up all moments some are great & some are not as much. hubby & kido both has this great idea of not coming home as much so that he grows up & becomes responsible young man. I kept reminding him we are just hour away if he needs us anytime we will be there in no time. I kept on telling him only reason we are here is just to be there for him in case he stumbles he should tell us first, even though we would get mad but will be there for him. I really pray he understood that part clearly, and make wise choices in college. I am so thankful to be able to live even after my stroke & see him grow into such a great young guy. It makes me feel happy that my illness did not do much damage to his life. I m thankful that hubby hold the fort strong till I found my inner strength back. its funny how I still hear footsteps in upstairs bedroom. though hubby & kido both had great idea I should just go upstairs & check in his room every now & then & yell & I will feel good again lol. Though its not as bad adjusting to empty nest since he had trained me well as teenagers they like to spend more time with friends than parents. So I am happy with phone calls & text messages. they come fast & furious when he needs money lol. I was telling him I got my car back now woohoo lol. Ofcourse I don't use it as much yet.




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Yes the empty room can haunt you,but soon he wll be back for holidays before you know it.

Job well done. I hope you transition smoothly. There are online supports that helped me.

He knows you are always there for him.

I suspect he will want to make you proud.

Next thing you know he will be graduating lol so enjoy this new journey.

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When our boys left for college they knew a phone call and we would be there for the but they both pretty much were self sufficient. Made us very proud of them.


Now here's the truly important part, empty room == a den for you. :)

Congrats on the achievement. It ain't easy.

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