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life in general for empty nester



I can't believe we are now empty Nester for few weeks & I am handling it pretty well. I guess stroke taught me valuable tools in life, and I m proud to be good learner. Routine is must to deal with change in your life. who would have thought I look forward to my laundry day & my exercise days lol. I knew this before too but just to feel I make a difference in our son's life I was micromanaging his education. So now that he is away in college & I can't micromanage he is thriving & making us proud. keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps on making good choices away from us. recently saw very interesting movie about how widow remarries another widow who she knew had early onset of alzeimer. hubby & I both loved it. I guess as we grow old its companionship is what matters the most than anything else. I was telling hubby you better die after me, and he was so mad at me saying just stay in present moment & enjoy this moment than think about future or past. Anyway life has its own up down moment. recently had fall from treadmill fortunately I did not hurt my self. also spent time with friend of mine who is also empty nester like me but still struggling to find her happy place




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AS usual Asha you have wisdom to share.  Stay in the present moment is good advice we should all do that and we all can enjoy this period of our life whatever that means to us as an individual.  Yes indeed. Thank you.

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Asha, this is the biggest transition in a woman's life,a mother's life. We were daily involved,it was part of our daily routine,and while we are always Mom,our babies have changed. We say goodbye to childhood. But we now welcome and celebrate the young adult. We have been working towards this moment. Sometimes we may pause and say how fast it all went ,and think of happy memories. It does remind me of how life progresses in a blink of an eye.

I am glad you have support. In helping others,we help ourselves.

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