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a flat mind



Bossynurse has been quite cheerful and on time with pain meds. On the other hand when I suffered another sudden drop in blood sugar after taking insulin,she said it was not that,it was taking pain meds without food. I had the list of symptoms for lo blood sugar. Orange juice fixed me. I talked to doc and he said I am on way too much long acting insulin. Oh those episodes are horrible. I feel emotional during them.


Effexor dose increased. Immodium is my bestie. I am going to adjust they say. I dont know about the pain yet but I am emotionally flat mostly. I even sound monotone. The fire inside contained. I feel comfortable though. I do not feel stoopified. No word on pain relief yet.


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Pam it is all so trial and error isn't it?  You want a fix for your pain and instead they've given you a mood stabiliser.  Seems all back to front to me. I hope yur problem with pain is resolved soon. 

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