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A Compliment In The Middle Of The Night



I am awakened all night for pain meds and vitals. I have given up make up and I generally feel sloppy. Well last night a woman cna was taking my blood pressure in the middle of the night. I was so sleepy. She mentioned that I have lost weight.Then she said I had a nice face,a pretty face. I said oh no, I am too lazy to even wear make up. She said I did not need any. Well,I do not agree that I should live without eye liner,mascara,and lipstick! But the compliment made me feel pretty and good enough,accepted. And coming from another woman too. It was a gift. My body post stroke is not me,it changed,and I do my best to live with it. On top of that,people say they do not see my deficits and do not understand my pain and struggle. John Steinbeck said when we understand each other,we will be kinder to one another. Maybe.

All I know is that a compliment felt good,and an unexpected kindness.

Time for me to pay it forward.


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Compliments any time day or night are nice. Good for cna to give that compliment and food for you accepting it. We are always much harder on ourselves. I see your beauty through your posts and comments.

Trust me you are not as bad as you think.


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Pam :


I feel usually we are so hard on ourselves that we overlook how pretty we are inside & outside since we focus on only negatives in us. I know you are beautiful person from inside now know you are pretty outside too.



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