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I have been advised by a member of our Medical Team that Bruce needs Socialization and not with me. I know he gets that at therapy but those sessions are limited by Medicare every year. My complaint, as with many Caregivers here, is the constant TV watching.


Bruce has his chores here at home, which he does without prompt and of course, is very involved with our daily errands and appointments. But it is not enough. With Winter coming, I thought it best to start now. This will be a major change in our daily lives, so we will ease in and step it up come Spring if it proves successful.


First stop was our Senior Center. The Director there was not all that encouraging. I got the feeling that she wanted her center to be known as "up beat independence." That she does not want it to be a Day Care. Still she had some suggestions for Bruce.


Next was our Library. They have some wonderful programs - perfect for Bruce but most in the evening, which is not good for Bruce. Still there are some afternoon things coming up that I can maybe fill in with.


We were advised to check out a local Stroke Club up one town over - about 10 minutes from the house. This is held at a very large library/senior center. They invited us today. It was a memorial for one of their members who passed, but as the Director said to me "who can pass up cake and ice cream?" LOL. What a wonderful group. There are six that only play cards and they invited Bruce right over to observe. There are 10 others who are just wonderful people. And socialization? They included Bruce in everything. It is so comfortable to be in a group where Aphasia is just the normal. The hand signals are universal without being taught.


So we are thinking Bruce can go to the Senior Center on Wednesday for the mid-morning WC/chair exercise class. Of course I will also send him with a newspaper because I know the exercises won't last long - LOL, he'll have lunch and then I can pick him up later. Then the Stroke Club on Thursdays, just after lunch. Bruce isn't sure he will like the Stroke Club without me (no kidding) but even if he doesn't get involved, the conversation alone is worth it. I can hang in the library or take a walk - the grounds are beautiful. This will get us through, hopefully, to the Winter where we will be limited as to getting out.


I am thinking this is a good idea, at least to try. Hey, will let you all know. Debbie


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Debbie :


can bruce join our survivor chatroom in the afternoon & evening, also he can think about blogging here on this site that will help him too



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Asha: thank you so much for thinking of us. The laptop I am using was purchased for Bruce just after he stroked. Nice large keyboard and a good screen. He shows no interest. If I set him up, he'll browse for a bit with the mouse, but that is about it. He won't even exchange Emails with his buds. He is comfortable with managing all if I insist, but just one more thing Debbie has to control.


I will have to try him blogging again. Writing is just so frustrating for him now but we have to keep trying. Best, Debbie

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Debbie, Larry is not interested in the computer either anymore.  He will help me with checkbook reconciliation but that is it.  He could read and write E-Mails, play games or just surf the internet but it is a no go.  


Bruce is so lucky to have you as his caregiver.  You step up to everything that affects him and get it done.  


My deepest gratitude and best wishes to you as a friend and caregiver role model.


Julie  (hugs)

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debbie :


how about coming to chatroom just for little interaction. I will ask enough questions which will force him to participate lol If he is not comfortable in group chatting if he wants we can chat just one on one too.



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Asha - will keep that in mind, certainly. And thank you for the offer of the one on one chat. Right now he is digesting this new routine! LOL

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