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Personal Pony tail stylist



I have come along way, from not being able to go to the bathroom, get dressed, walk, put on shoes, drive ,etc.,by myself

Now, that summer has come, I have my own personal ponytail hairdresser in the house. I hate to ask my hubby to put my hair, in a ponytail, but he does a better job, than I would have prestroke.

I don't even have to ask him, anymore, I just have a brush and holder ready, for when he wakes up, and 3 seconds it is up. I need to learn how to do it one handed, but I don't know if I would be happy with the job. It would prob. look crazy. I f my hair was longer, it would prob be easier for me to do it, but it is just now, really ready to barely put it in one.

Anyone else, if you can do a one handed ponytail, let me know your secret.

I am not gripping. It is a small task for a "caregiver" to do.


I have already experienced a short hair cut. Hated i,t and was so depressed for making myself look ugly. Now I am in the growing my hair long phase. And hubby likes it longer too, so we both win:)

That is all blog, for today.


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short hair makes me feel ugly too!!!! have you tried scrunchies? they are bigger and easier than standard ponytail holders. even though i am fortunate enough to have the use of both hands, i can put one in my hair one handed while applying cleanser to wash my face with the other. OR, what about leaving it down? put a little styling mouse or gel in it and let it go? i do that all the time and you can do that with one hand.


if it's straight, what about a body wave and a good trim?. that's the easiest long hair style in the world. you can flip your head over a few times, scrunch it up and that's it, looks real "romantic", to me anyway. just some ideas. if you aren't supposed to flip your head over( like i couldn't for awhile), then do the mouse or gel, or hairspray, blow dry a few minutes til PARTIALLY dry, and pick it out. i do that with one hand.



best hair wishes,


kim( shoulda been a stylist) lol




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