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More survivor world-crazy Amy



I guess, I have a surge of Seretonin in my brain today, b/c I am acting like a nut, on purpose. I was pouring my Daughter some OJ, and she was holding her glass, and saying ?"Mommy, do not spill it, be careful" It gets irratating, when she thinks, I am incompetant. I slowly deliberatly, poured the Orange juice on her hand, that was holding the glass for me. I busted out laughing at her, and she looked at me with her brown eyes, and said"You did that on PURPOSE!"

I sure did.


Maybe it is lack of lunch, or that, my whole fam. is home today??? Who knows. I was a real jokester pre stroke, maybe that is the prestroke Amy making a comeback??


I used to to always play pranks prestroke. My hubby, thought, I was faking when my brain was Oxygen deprived on the floor that morning.

Now that is SAD!!

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hey Amy:


my son actually expects me to do something wacky like that, it is quite cute story, your hubby sounds very loving and wonderful.



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