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I made my husband look like a pervert/peeping Tom!



Yes, this blog, once again, doesn't blog about stroke, it is just a cute situation, that happened the other day in "survivor world." I am usually always, on the PC when my daughter goes out to play with her friends, I do not like to open the blinds all the way, I just slide one blind-eye level open, so I can watch my daughter play outside.


This is so funny!


My hubby, gets home from work, pretty early, and sat down at the PC and the blind was still open eye level for me, from the previous day. Our neighbors directly behind us are 3 hot college girls, that are always taking their chihuahua's out to do their business in the morning. My hubby, heard the yippie-yap of the dogs, and conveintly looked out my make-shift blind "spy cam" that I had rigged up for my viewing. He caught one of the girls, letting the dogs out, in just her panties and t-shirt! LOL. Then she looks around, to see if anyone is out, and sees, my husband looking through the makeshift blind peephole. He is so embarrassed!!


I now have to put the blind down, when I leave the computer, b/c he was portrayed as a pervert the other morning. They already mow their yard in bikini tops and daisy dukes!! AH the joys of living in a college town.

I think I may purposely crack all the blinds in the back of the house, the next time they mow, and go out side to enjoy the sun, on my back patio, that way, it would look real gross for her/them to think he is a real pervert. No, I wouldn't.





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oh college towns, my DH attended ASU (arizona state) the land of babes, bikinis, and pools, just to be nice, I let him reminise in mind only, now i have a son thinks thinks he'll be like dad and go to his alma mater, ugh!

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