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Poll:Soda or Coke??



This is non-stroke related,

I was wondering what most people call carbonated beverages??


Here in Arkansas, we call everything Coke, wether, it is Pepsi, Rootbeer, Mt. Dew, whatever!


My daughter, had someone ask her if she wanted a Soda, the other day, and she had no idea, what a Soda was. I was wondering, if it was a Southern thing, or family?? Let me know what you guys call it??

Amy from Arkansas



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No, it's a Southern thing. We go to Texas every year and stay with some relatives who call all soda a Coke. I went into a liquor store and the guy had never heard of Coors Light. Or, we went through a McDonalds drive-thru adn they didn't have shakes. They had floats or ice cream. What kind of McDonalds doesn't have shakes???

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everything down here in alabama is a COKE too. soda sounds yankee as does "pop" lol


actually, i don't say either. i only drink water and unsweet tea.



kim beer.gif

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We're really North - everything here is a pop. But, that's ok - we also call a water fountain - a bubbler. beer.gif

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it must be southern thing, up here in north we call soda but mos t restaurent carry only coke and sometime i stubbornly go for bottled pepsi. I like pepsi since its sweeter than coke


but after stopping to go to work I stopped drinking ny soda cause going to restaurent has become very less since we have help at home who cooks and we pay through our noses for that, so going to restaurent is scrapped out for us




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From the Kentuckian;


It's called pop unless you want something specific, then it's what you want.



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It's usually "pop" here in Illinois. When I lived in NC a few years back, I went to a grocery store and as I was leaving, I asked if they had a pop machine. The girl kept saying "what?" so I kept repeating untill it occurred to me she WASN'T deaf, so I said "a soda machine" and them she got it. It was definately "soda" there.



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OK, A New Yorker weighing in here..... we call it soda. And a bag is a bag not a sack. And we wear pants not britches and I use a bathroom, not a restroom. That is all I can think of at the moment.


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Guest lwisman


I beg to differ with you givencare. I live in Illinois also and we call it soda. Hmm.

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Here in Michigan, we don't often hear the term 'soda' unless it has ice cream in it. We have pop machines. We buy pop in the stores and restaurants. And it's pop that we shake up and spray all over each other in warm weather.



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Thank you guys, so much for your input on soda and coke. Anyone else have polls to ask the group? I really found it interesting to read everyone's input.


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Amy hiya.gif


Just my 2 cents worth from Canada. (Not sure what that is in American ) wicklaugh.gif


Up here we have "pop" (both Coke and Pepsi). We have grocery bags and bags of bird feed. We have shirts and pants. We use the bathroom (ifn we need to). Our dollars are "Loonies" and two dollars are "Toonies". We have Mountains, Moose and Mounties. We have a bad habit of adding the word Eh (pronounced A) when we talk. However contrary to popular belief we don't have snow all year (at least in Southern Canada) We don't live in Igloos and use Skidoos to get around. We do wear toques (knit hat) in winter. A favourite treat are "Beaver Tails" and a popular dessert is "chocolate moose" eh lol_2.gif




from your strokebuddy in Canada eh



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Another view from Kentucky;


a cola drink--coke

any other soft drink--pop

some say soda

a bag--a poke

your vehicle--a car

'bum' a ride--carry me somewhere

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If you asked for some beaver tail around here, I think you'd get your face slapped a few times unless it was a hooker you were addressing that question to. biggrin.gif



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