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Water breaks and sunscreen check!



As you guys know, My back yard is one of the few without a fence, and It accumulates children in the summer. My daughter,is an only child, and she loves to have friends outside to play.


I feel responsible for the little chicks, when they are in my yard-maybe that is the teacher in me?


WEll, today, it was so Hot outside, I made them all take a break, to get hydrated with water and slab some sunscreen on. WE have 0 trees for shade in our back yard, and I am a hypocondriac, I don't want any dehydrated kids playing in my yard.I left a quart pitcher of ice out there for them, so it could melt and they could refill the glass them selves. They usually try to drink, from our waterhose, but I do not know how safe that is?? Anyone know?

It was too cute, b/c my daughter wanted to play outside shirtless like the boys, I didn't seem why not? They all have nipples just alike. My hubby, thought different, but I didn't. It is not like she has budding breast. That won't make her want to become a girl's Gone Wild chick.

She is only 4!!!! I guess Daddy's are like that, I don't know????



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Hi Amy,


It's kind of sad that society has progressed to the point where you have to worry whether or not a shirtless four year old girl is doing something taboo. We played that way a lot when I was growing up, but that was back in the 40s when parents didn't hear alot about child abductions and perverts so they probably had a false sense of security. Dad's just worried.


Innocents last for such a short time...I would have done the same thing you did, at least for this summer. By next summer she'll be one street wise enough to want to cover up.



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Drinking out of the hose is safe unless it's one of those hoses that flattens out when not in use because the material is treated with 'something'. Oh, to be a kid again, playing in the water! Maybe I'll do that soon... Iwill leave my shirt on, though!

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