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Another Year In the Books



Today I am 36 years young! My aunt sent me the perfect text. You are not getting old. You're parents are! I love my family. They are there when I need them. Very supportive last year when I had my strokes. They are the greatest. Last year at this time I was in the hospital waiting to be released after having my second stroke. I flew to my hometown the next day and received so much love from my family. This year for my birthday I am keeping it low key. I will party hard next week when I go on my cruise with my best friend. Next year I hope to travel on my birthday. Either way I am happy to be 36. Happy to be alive.


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Happy birthday punch going through health crisis does bring good and bad things in our life it wakes us up from sleepwalking thru life and brings us closer to our family enjoy ur day to fullest


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