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My 2cents



Yesterday was a turbulent time, and it hasn't fully rested yet sad.gif . I decided to post a little history trivia as a retrospect.


I came close to leaving this site once because of a very insinsitive (sp?) remark that was made to me. I will not give a name or details out on this subject to protect the guilty.


When you have an organization this large there will be stress and sometimes turmoil. It's unavoidable, but in the same respect there's something worse that has brought us together in the first place. In the end we are a support group, and we will give support despite the occasional squable.


And if you're curious how I have handled problems in the past, then look up the only rant topic I started on the board. Talking to a very supportive lady on this site encouraged me to post the rant rather than leave. biggrin.gif




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I'm with Pam. I'm glad you didn't leave either. You're a very important part of this group and needed. Better not leave.....we'll come find you Michael. And then you'll really be in for it. pash.gif


p.s. I'm glad you decided to vent. I liked the topic, just sorry you were hurt by it.

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sorry to hear that someone had the nerve to offend someone as nice as you.


You are a very valuable component of "Strokenet" and I can tell that (almost) everyone here thinks highly of you.


So, whoever the culprit might be, I think that the weather bureau should issue an advisory not to stand anywhere close to them for fear of getting hit by a lightning bolt. lol_2.gif


When we are the most committed to something that is dear to us, that is the time when we are most vulnerable to getting hurt.


Please don't leave Michael. The members of strokenet (us) need people like you who care so much and can transform your caring into action.


If I wasn't a guy I'd give you a big hug eh. (Aw what to heck) pash.gifblush.gif


Big Smiles to you Mike biggrin.gif


Your strokebuddy in Canada (caregivers count too)



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I ditto everything said up above and I repeat a few other things that we've covered in PM's or chat....my brain is on over load tonight...and I don't remember which.


By the way, you look cute in a cowboy hat.





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hey michael,


i couldn't locate that topic, so i can't make commentary. HOWEVER, i didn't realize you were 6'4", or that you wore a COWBOY HAT!!!!!!!!!

glad you didn't leave too.





p.s so MANY secrets lol secret.gifsecret.gifsecret.gifpash.gif

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