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Newbie Introduction



I've mentioned this to a few people, but decided to blog it to let everyone know. smile.gif


When I was 3 years old I had a bad accident. I fell between the railing of our basement steps and hit my head on our stereo stand. the result was a fractured skull and brain damage from trauma.


The results were speach therapy sessions until I was 15. I had to learn to slow down and think out my words. I still sometimes have problems with combining words, stumbling over words, or leaving words out altogether. Even when I type I will think about what I want to say but will not get the message to my hands. Hence there are words left out of my typing at times.


Another lovely result are episodes where I'll be walking and my vision will black out and I'll see sparks. During this time my ears will start ringing and I'll get dizzy. Thankfully these periods only last for 1-10 minutes.


I'm no stranger to fatigue, having balance problems when I'm tired, or having slurred speach when I'm tired either. When I first wake up I have to concentrate so hard on speaking that I end up sounding like I'm yelling when the words finally come out.



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Thanks for sharing your story. One thing I've learned in going to speech classes with Don is that it doesn't matter what the cause of the head trauma, the results and treatment are the same when you're talking damage in the speech center of the brain. You truly do have a lot in common with stroke survivors to understand the problems and frustrations involved.



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