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why am I here?



Perhaps one reason I'm still alive on this earth..is because of my son and his girlfriend. It seems at least once a day they're fighting. I am their 'go between' and referee. Could this be why I'm here yet? So I can tell each of them to 'let it go' when he/she feels put upon. It takes a long time in life to learn to drop certain issues and not chase it to a conclusion. I, evidently, have learned this 'art' so I'm trying to pass on what little wisdom I do have. flowers.gif


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Thank you for your thoughts. I have been very angry over the way my husband was taken care of and not receiving physical therapy in the nursing home. Now that he is home and improving I was trying to think of a way to "get back" at the home for what they DID NOT due for my husband.


You really made me think. Now I think it's time to forget it and put all my energy into helping my husband recover.


Kim smile.gif

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Thanks Janice smile.gif


Kim, Forgive and forget eh. (the wheel always comes around) In other words you get what you give in this life...so demand little and give lots.



"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"...Mat 7:12


Mat 7:12

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