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tONIGHT IS DATE NIGHT. dd IS AT mil/fil'S HOUSE. WE are doing something basic/ dinner and a movie. No children's movie this time!! I get to pick, The Longest Yard, is what we are going to see. I hope it is good, and funny.


F drama's, my stroke has been a lifetime of drama for me. I also don't watch sad health movies anymore. I also have a crush on Adam Sandler.

WEll, better go. Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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I hope you enjoyed your evening. I like Adam Sandler too! Don't have a crush on him though. Have you seen Brad Pitt in Troy? OMG.....now some things are just wrong. And that's one of them, making married women look at that in order to see a movie!! He's so hot I think I started sweating!!! lol_2.gif

Cindy smile.gif

p.s. You probably haven't seen it. It's a drama.

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