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divorced people with children



So i finally had it up there moment.


I've never be through this nor have most of the people in my family. So..


I've been coming to my ex husbands to help with our son with school transportation and to fill the gaps that ex is gone for work in mornings.


OK so here's my beef::


I enjoy being up with my son, don't get me wrong but ,


I'm in my old house and with my stroke brain I have no concept of time so even though we have been divorced for 2 years, i'm always here.


I told him I need to have my own time for we are two different people now, Yes he is my son, almost 13 now . and yes I feel responsible for him which I'm not cutting him out of my life but..

What if I worked? He would have to fine someone to watch our son. Just because I don't work doesn't mean i can be used at your beckon call.




He believes it's because I want to date and go out.. if so what business is it of his? Frankly I just want to learn to do it on my own. I was happy with helping my ex out but its so sporadic. I need that separation. I'm only 30 minutes away and I'm still going to see my son and still come up to help, just not as much.


sorry this made no sense im venting and can't think in a straight line


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Makes a lot of sense to me.  Your ex- is responsible for your son now, he made that choice.  You are helping him out but it should be either on an organised basis as any other volunteering job would be or at your call.


Kelli, go on living your own life, you are doing fine. And if dating is part of the new life that is your choice too.

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his new girlfriend and I went out to lunch yesterday and it was absolutely a  wonderful time. She and I share many of the similar health problems with neurological issues. She was diagnosed with   

transverse myelitis  

which is inflammation of the spinal cord and brain lesions. It's helpful for her that he did a crash course with invisible effects with me and she deserves someone with a kind heart like (my ex) him.


SHe agrees that I need to start a new life in distance, not in anger,  but she gets it for she is divorced to. So I'm less upset with distancing myself along with your responses. <3 

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Kelli, you are correct.  Time for you to get your life going. Remember you was saying that you 


had feelings for him and he has a new girlfriend. I feel with you spending so much time with


your ex's is not helping you to get on with your life.


Great that you meet with  new girlfriend.


Take care 



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