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A friendship is born



Having coffee at my favorite coffee house the young woman came in I was talking with the barista we chatted about little things like how nice it is to have good coffee in town.

She got her drink and heated sweet potato muffins and she said I need to find a chair near the window I love to look outside I said do you mind if I join you and she said please do.

We talked briefly about my aneurysm and stroke course I always like to talk about me and she coming out on what strength I have and I told her my family says its just my stubbornness and she laughed

She told me of her stolen childhood her due to medical condition they gave her a 10% chance of surviving shared with me a happy loving and loved cheerleader for strength and courage and her fighting spirit

She then shared with me the murder of her one year old son at the hands of family member my eyes welled with tears I love to her and I said you have got to be the strongest person I have ever met in my life you are such a fighter I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to meet you.

She offered to give me a ride to the library and then she chuckled and said I've never offered a ride to a complete stranger before and I last night as well I have taken rides from complete strangers before but that was a long time ago she said I promise not to kidnap you or me murder you and then let out of a belly laugh I said you know you are absolutely amazing with everything you've been through that you can still make light of something so serious in your life of course I told her as in my situation there's nothing funny about having a stroke but there are humor situations and you got to be the laugh at yourself she said she said if you don't laugh you'll cry there was such an instantaneous bond between the two of us it was amazing.

I am humbled that this woman chose me to bear her inner feelings and frustrations with of course I'm always willing to bear myself myself at least my inner self.

I look forward to that day of seeing my new friend again.

We both trust each other about I praised her with about her inner strength can I have all of how she even gets up in the in the morning and goes through the day and she told me the same thing about me after what I've been through I said in comparison mine was easy compared to what you've been through

It's amazing how to people can meet just by chance and just cheer the feelings with each other my life truly is blessed.



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