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I saw my neurologist this week. I'm not sure how it went, actually although I really luv my doctor I just didn't feel the connection as usual. Maybe it's "me". I've been struggling with depression and my thinking is confused. She will be attending the arbitration set up on August 19th for resolution with my employer who tried to impose going back to work when I was still not well enough. Now she's going have to medically justify this. I am so thankful that she has agreed to do this but at the same time I am humiliated to put her through this. I am sure she has better things to do!

My mom had emergency surgery for colon cancer. It was very localized but recovery will be long because she was so weak and had lost too much weight. They had to do a trach to feed her and I'm hoping her spirit will pick up a little once the vitamins and nourishment strengthen her weakened body. My step father does not think she will pull through, and my sister has a few doubts. I tend to be a little more positive and at the same time I will accept God's will. I don't want to see her suffer. It is a really rough journey for her but also for us who love her dearly and are witnesses. I hope her quality of life improves.

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While no cancer is of course good, colon cancer if it hasn't yet spread, is a better place than most. They cut away the part of the intestine and all is gone. My grnadmother was elderly when she had it and she died in her 90's from a broken hip (probably pneumonia because she wasn't able to be active) but the cancer was no part of it.


Keep your positive thoughts. My prayers are with your Mom.

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I am sure your doctor is happy to this for you, sounds like you have an understanding one. You have a lot on your mind right so could do something with not feeling the connection...I will pray for your mom, it is a hard thing to watch someone you love have pain or not be their normal self...you feel so helpless. As you say hopefully food and vitamins will help her regain strength.....you and your family are in my thoughts.

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