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I sure wish I could express myself and feel release! For some reason I let things bottle up and can't get decent release of my feelings. I've been taking anti-depressants which helped with my mood swings but things going on around me has thrown me down. All the while my employer has been giving me a hard time because they do not want to recognize my disability, they're going as far as to examine my medical records and I feel more or less violated in my right to privacy!!


My mom has been deathly ill. FINALLY they found a tumour in her colon and she had surgery last thursday. She survived but her SPIRIT has been broken and it saddens me to see her this way. Mom has always had a spark for life and I pray as she gets better that she will regain some of that spark back.


Well, I'm tired and depressed and I am not comfortable in my skin. I don't know what's causing this. I wish I could cry but cannot, the anti-depressants stifle the flow?!



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Have the antidepressants always affected you this way? Maybe you're on the wrong one.


As for your Mom, she will be fine. You know, major surgery really takes a lot out of a person. It hasn't been that long and when she starts feeling better, is permitted "real" food - things like that - and gets out of the hospital, she will feel a lot better and so will you. You'll see.

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