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Long Time No Blog



Hi all, haven't reported in since October, so thought I'd let you all know we are doing fine, incase you were wondering! We did not get sick this winter - WOOT! The weather has been so mild that Bob (who gets cold easily) has had quite a few screened in porch days already!


It is tax season, so I'm busting my head into the wall trying to find what happened to my hadicapped receipts for Jan-Aug - why do I always lose them? I know that I start putting them in an envelope right off in Jan, but by the middle of the year, that envelope always seems to get away! For newbies who may not know it, any supplies like diapers, guards(incontinency), bed pads, wipes, foot-up devices, hand braces, etc = medical deductions. I have that to work on and also Bob is turning 65 in May, so he has the open enrollment to switch from Medicare Advantage Plan to a Medicare plan with supplement.... so trying to figure out who to buy that from.


Bob is doing well and can talk somewhat better, but still trouble when he wants to say a specific thing, compared to just banter. He has always been agree-able to do any exercise that I say, "ok, we need to do this now" -he's ready. BUT..... I wish it was in his ability to just do these things on his own, but it is not. I am lucky he is so co-operative when I lead him it.... but sometimes, we have to tend to other things... and then they don't do anything, without someone else to lead them in it. :(


Will make a blog on what I'm doing for ME under my other blog, which I hope brings some ideas to other caregivers on keeping their own brains from going to pot.


This isn't much of a blog today, guess I just wanted to wave and say we are ok!


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Thanks for the update Sandy.  I think we in the Blog Community do look out for others who are regulars here and wonder what is happening in their lives.  No illness for Bob in your winter seems like a mighty achievement to me.  Yes, Ray was the same, could not start his exercises on his own.  Unlike Bob though he resisted doing his exercises sometimes.  He'd say he was too tired, too hot, too...any old excuse.  

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Sandy - good to hear from you and thank you for the update. Yes, the winter was not too bad and so glad Bob is already enjoying time in the fresh air and sunshine. Makes such a difference.


I am so glad Bob is still agreeable to doing his exercises. So much easier than having to struggle, bribe, whine - LOL - to get them moving and improving.


Sandy, I know you said you use an envelope for receipts for taxes. But you know we all have a lot of paperwork that we need come tax season. Just a thought - I use a shoe box. Hard to lose one of those.j


Best to you and Bob, of course. Debbie

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oh that is just my walmart receipts that have the diapers, bed pads, guards, wipes that are in an envelope.    But I lost them AGAIN, and only seem to have from Aug on!    For everything else, I have a shelf... actually a stack of shelves and the top one is always the current year, and the folder in it says "2015 - paid in 2016".   I have a separate folder for doc/rx/test and insurance on them and any handicapped device I bought at walmart or amazon, and then a folder that has things like real estate tax & mortgage interest, then one that is just me, pretty empty (good, keep that way).


I try to put them on a separate receipt from other purchases, and on a different card.    I buy a LOT at one time, so there won't be hundreds of receipts, as I don't have to buy them as often.    The first year I had a kleenex box with the top cut off and as I bought, I'd file them in there, standing up on their side, and it filled the box - but that year, I was buying them in with the groceries, so I had lots of receipts with an item or 2 on them - made a much bigger mess to handle.

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