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if anyone still reads this



I finally had my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today. I am going to do the surgery. She is going to put a rod or something in my wrist to keep it straight then she may release the tendons in my fingers depending on how it goes after that. I feel indifferent about it. Part of me is happy my wrist will finally be straight and in a more comfortable position but part of me feels sad that I will officially never be able to do things like clap my hands.


I got a new position at work. Instead of receptionist, I am now a medical records clerk. I just started yesterday. Everyone is proud of me

I have a new boyfriend. We met at a restaurant. I saw the scar on his head and he saw my scar. We kept looking at each other but it wasnt until we got ready to leave that we both realized our arms were the same. He also uses a cane. His stroke was on his right side. He had his stroke when he was 7. We take the same seizure meds. I am so happy I had the courage to walk up to him and tell him about my stroke. He does not live here, he lives in georgia but we talk on the phone everyday and he comes to visit. (His brother is in the hospital here.)


I got some new shoes! I got a black pair for work that has velcro straps and a white pair for weekends with elastic shoe strings so no more tying shoes! Well except when I decide to wear my other shoes which will probably be less now that I have comfortable shoes with no hassle


Well I think thats about all the stroke related updates I can think of. I have never been this happy in my life. Even in college I got depressed. Im so glad I finally got on the right meds to balance my mood and stop the seizures. I thank God everyday. Very often I think "wow Im driving my car home from work to my apartment." Its a simple act I do everyday but when I first started this blog I could never even imagine it. Ive come a long way :)


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You have come a very long way lil sister and I still wish you the best in health and friendship with the guy from Georgia but that is a long way from you......I won't bore you with my condition but in a way it's a bit worse that yours ever been and I now feel I'm going down slowly in my abilities to walk and do things except driving that's alright......

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Happy to hear things are going well for you. I'm hoping my date life will get a good jolt this summer. My mom wants to have grandkids.

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Katrina, looks like a good summer ahead.  Congratulations on your new job, well done.  I love to read your blogs, I am still following the journey of so many of my friends here who I have "known" for a long time, like you.  (((hugs))) from Sue.

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So glad to "see" you smiling! Your positive attitude is such an inspiration! Very best wishes for your continued happiness.

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Katrina :


so happy for you, I am so glad you persisted through your darkest time to enjoy this happiness. congratulations on new job & boyfriend. In lifeall of us go through some good time & some bad time during both times important to remember this shall pass too  & it is my thoughts or outlook is making this situation look worse or best than it is. enjoy the journey brave one.


hugs from

Ashaaunty lol

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