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I have not felt like blogging, journaling or anything lately I dont really want to focus on my thoughts. I prefer to block them out with activities that distract me. I did want to let you guys know about my latest stroke journey though.

I asked my neurologist to give me a referral to see a hand therapist. He refused because he said at this point therapy will not make a difference.

So I told my primary doctor. He's known me for 20 years so he was nice enough to do the referral.

I was excited about seeing the certified hand therapist!

but she told me surgery to release the tendons is probably my best option at this point. There would be no getting my elbow straight, wrist straight, or fingers straight.

I guess my insurance agreed because they only approved 2 visits for me to see her.


I also found out the tens unit I bought in Charlotte is not the same as electrical stimulation which is why it never opened my hand. It is a tens unit which is primarily for reducing pain. I have not used it in years since I dont have any electrodes anyway. I wish I could get my money back.

At least I was able to get a little money back for selling my guitar last week after realizing I bought it for nothing last year and will never be able to play it if I do surgery on my wrist.


I am trying to learn to not overthink my emotions. My psychotherapist insists that I am not bipolar and my feelings are completely normal. I dont know about that.


Oh yeah I got in a car accident 2 weeks ago. Someone cut me off from my left side and kept driving. I wish I could've seen who it was. Stupid peripheral vision.


Anyway these days Im just trying to live my life to the fullest. I gotta do my best to not take my freedom for granted; (being able to drive, no more seizures, having a job to go to everyday).


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I was and still am thinking therapy will always help the situation in your limbs and that is why I still ride my exercise bike daily by myself or with the aide that comes in for an hour each day....


I still got my tens unit in a drawer someplace as I think I get more out of riding my exercise bike than anything else I do daily...... What do I know??


Here is wishing you the very best in health and peace for your healing as we both try to overcome the stroke we suffered years ago....

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Katrina, you seem to have a problem that is not going to be "fixed" just something you have to live with.  I do not say that lightly as I watched my dear husband Ray struggle for so many years with that very thing, a hand and leg he called "useless" and yet some how he kept going, as you do too. I am glad you are trying to live life to the fullest.  Good for you.

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If you remember I'm paralyzed on left side head to toe so using my left side is about out the question except for walking I do that daily it just doesn't get any better or worse for that matter....


I think we all try to live our lives the fullest, we have no choices, just live life the fullest with our eyes open.... Many things we can still do or get done without much trouble like driving and going different places being out in the world rather than closed in or sitting in a room all day and night as the world goes by.....


Stay strong and keep praying God knows our hearts and just where we are at all times when He is ready for us to come home.....

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Please that you are living your life to the fulllest. Life is short my dear, and take what we got and run with it.  


God bless, stay well, head up



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