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Well today officially starts the first day of the sale of beach tags for the summer beach season. Good thing my father is the beach director but no deals or sales.. oh well at least I'm starting not to be so self conscious because I started to listen to my parents again as they fill in my 'lost gaps' of memory. Pretty scary stuff from their perspective. As with most everything I hear about my past sounds like a movie or story I would find in a library. So I went to a small business expo in South Jersey and THOUGHT I made a connection with a certain someone but I'm not sure if it's the stroke or something else that caused a lost connection. My self confidence in dating is way low for the stroke problems are always on my mind. Then I go back to Katrina ( cagesbird) and her success with dating and since she is a strong woman, I can take tip from her journey,


I know that I don't have a rush on dating. Just wanted to make sure I'm still a girl.. ya know


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I hear you Kelli, I want people to know I am still a girl too, as far as a 68 year old woman can be a girl! I am still feminine, giggly, flirtatious on occasion, argumentative, and in love with life. I like male company and am stopping there...company... at the moment.  I do have someone I am seeing now, have been for two years or so as he is my market coffee man but now we are having more regular meetups, getting to know each other better.  Just a friendship as yet but that is good too.

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