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groundhog day......memory




I know. ..I know... Let it go... it's the past.


Well easier said than done. Everyday is a new day to me and they blend together. I understand now how hard it is to let go. Most things I have but some are buried in my soul. Yes as you might have guessed It I'm back at my ex's but only for 3 days a week and every job after that I go a day less. He is my son and I'm trying to teach him to be a 13 while his father is still wanting him to be a little kid. It's frustrating. But the real issue is I know my perception of my recovery and his were different and I think watching him talk about girlfriend ( she's super cool.. better to always have a good relationship with the new person in son's life) and her invisible issues and making it out like she is in worse shape than me. .. Again have we met?

I know I have to stop and let it go but like I said being here and every day blending into each other I can't tell that time has past.. get me


It can be annoying talking about this all the time but to me it's a new ordeal every time.. what a bother


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It takes time,  trust me, it takes time. Plus having the stroke does not help., and you have your Son to think of.   You get there, and when you do, it be like , and the problem was! 


Take care, heads up, remember each day, it will get better. 



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