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alright kids I did it



I 've finally signed up for a dating website and what scares me the most is having to tell my story and be turned down. Im not doing to think if that, we shall cross that bridge when and if it should arise. The one thing that throws me for loop is I'm looking at men in at 50. That seemed so old for so long and i'm 42 but mentally feel I'm in my 30's. Fingers crossed


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Kelli, you are braver than I am, I thought of joining a dating sites but decided i would simply see who is around locally.  Slow and steady is my advice.  Nice guys are out there. Keep smiling and don't let any hint of rejection worry you, it just means they do not know you like we do.

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Just keep your head on straight and your story will be short and all facts as you tell it like it is and the right guy will take it for face value that is what starts friendships and they progress from there..... You can usually tell the nice guys from the wannabe's..... Just listen with a good ear.... Happy looking....

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Go for it Kelli, fingers and toes crossed you find what/who you're looking for with minimal pain and discomfort.  you're a braver woman than me.

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Good for you kelli.   head up, tell it like it is. You know when it is someone that" wet your whistle",


Have fun, and if you met someone that  rejetcts you, it they lost!



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