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Mothers Day



Mothers Day used to be magical. Homemade cards and pictures,bead necklaces I wore later to work,and hugs galore. Later on, tickets,dinners,texts. Glorious time changed pages. Mothering often disrespected forgotten. Heart lined with velvet faded and worn still beating out love no matter what.Alone. No one needing a hand to hold. A job well done. Proud weeping. Better way as I drift to mist. I can walk off stage now unnoticed. This next Act is all for me.


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why do I see your writing as so special, why do I find not only your emotions expressed in sentences, individual sentences connected to each other and forming something more a whole expressing a thought. and in some sense a poem. 

I also suspect that you are doing this rather unconsciously. what I could never do  you simply do.


in mathematics and physics there are people who have ability to intuit the behavior and interrelations of ideas and they also do it in an unconscious manner.  I am not one of these people but truly marvel at these few.


and I will never tire of reading your thoughts and emotions put on paper. 


kind regards,



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What a powerful, poetic post. You have said so much, and brought out such strong emotions in a few short lines. It is lovely. 



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Thank you follys but I usually log on and just write what I need to express. I wish I had learned an instrument so I could avoid words completely.

Thank you Carol. It is nice to be listened to. No I never write poetry and would struggle if

I had to.

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Poetry or prose, it is very moving. It is important knowing you gave of yourself. Perhaps that is the reward. Children grow up and no longer have a teacher push them to make a card or a necklace of dry macaroni. Motherhood becomes taken for granted, as does Mother's Day. maybe they don't know how important it is to you. one day they will. A girlfriend of mine and I INSISTED our husbands take us out to brunch. She and I toasted each other with champagne and ignored the rest of the world. We made our own happiness and were grateful for it. insist on what you want.

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