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we are back from our india vacation



We are back from our 10 days India vacation where most of it this year we spent in our village in India. It was fun & went fast met so many extended family of our chandra family in our village where we had all gathered for religious ceremony it took me bit longer than getting used to all noncomforts of village where hubby was adjusted there in a blink. ofcourse I being people person enjoyed all hooplas with family. visited all temples near by with family played card games & other games during our nightly hang out with family daily & in our train rides. it is still taking me some time in night to find bathroom in our home since I still try to find the way it was in India lol though every time I find bathroom in time feeling of relief& happiness comes is priceless :) kido came home for his summer vacation before us & came to pick us up at airport so it was fun coming home to. there was no time for jetlag when you have empty dorm in our home & ton of laundry lol





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Life is great when you get out and enjoy the world and your boys are big now enough to drive and come pick you up..... Glad you enjoyed family in India and had it changed much since you were there last time??..            


I love your 10 advantages of having a stroke!!!!!!!                      

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Asha, good for you, it is great to see family, and spend time with them.  So husband  fixed in right a way? I think it is a Man thing. I am born and raise in London, yet I moaned about the weather then my husband, who was born in America, had no issusses . 


I know you was please to see your Son, enjoy him while he is there  for the summer. It goes fast.



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Asha,  so glad you were able to travel to India and visit with family.   Amazed at how well you have adapted to life after stroke and learned to go with the flow.   Hard to believe your son is all grown up now and in college ......you've come a long way since we first met on here.   


Best wishes,


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I was just thinking the same, the small kido we met in your early blogs is now a man and helping with transport etc.  Enjoy having him home for the holidays.

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