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lifes simple joys



things are so different now every one got digital phone camera video handy now. when our son was little we used to carry those big analog video recorders. I used to b always one to remember to video those ordinary moments of kido playing around with every one. hubby never liked to do it. so our official videographer will be either me or my brother. During our this india trip we converted those analog casettes into dvds, while watching it even now with kido brings back so many sweet memories & joy. I was telling him on his wedding day I m going to play one of those movies as a snippet of what kind of child he was growing up :) & tell stories of him to our grand kids. Well on most of the days I m one grateful survivor who is still here to enjoy all life has to offer me to fullest. & feel grateful that I m being able to do that without burden on any one.




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It's good to have pictures to look back on and bring back all the memories of the days gone by and what people was wearing at that time as styles change over the years.....

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It is great to make memories, I took a lot of photos out to my son in Broken Hill so he can put them onto his computer and share them with his daughter Alice that way she will be able to recognise the cousins when she sees them. I go over our old photo albums sometimes and revive the good memories, it sometimes makes me cry but that is okay at least I have them still.

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We are blessed to be here to "out" our kids to the had kids. I have a daughter named Maria with the. Nickname weasel or ease, I called hethat infront f her daughter so my granddaughter calls mom weasel when she really wants to get her attention, I find it humorous, not momsomuch.


Be well wellmyfriend.


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I love looking at photo albums. My Parents have the best. My Dad also have all these tapes and a old VCR, that works. We laught at our fahion, what was we thinking! LOL.



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