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I guess some lessons in life you learn through repetition and I will make sure u guys learn with me lol



I know I have recited these lesons learnt many times but I guess I still need something still to learn so keep on learning. & I have done very well in my school life when I write down those lessons, I learn quickly. So here writing again so that you guys will also learn with me. We are still finding some kinks here & there in our home & getting it fixed as we go along. ofcourse it creates stress till the problem is not fixed or sorted out. I am so able to dial down my stress level by asking fundamental question is it disaster or inconvenience. & why get bothered when I know it can be fixed with money well we might leave less money for kido but I feel having less money does not spoil any one, he will learn how to earn money & be responsible for himself



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It is quite amazing ask is it a disaster or is it inconvenient.

We all want to spoil our children sometimes we are able to and sometimes you're not.

For me right now the shoe was on the other foot it's time for my children to spoil me I'm still waiting on my disability Sunday will be 31 months Post stroke. I do have to admit wrong and the dragon from my volunteer work I can almost survive that's when I rely on my children we all make sacrifices for children the time has come for my children to pay me back and thank God they do in the long run kiddo will thank you for those life lessons he is learning.

Be well my friend as I said in my home published in the June newsletter that nest in life It's always darkest just before the dawnjay

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