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Again change in horizon & wondering what to do



Now that finally we are settled in this new home & everything is falling back into place again. I can find bathroom in night with my eyes closed again & not bumping into window :D Now I can see another change in my horizon. & I don't know what to do. I know the change which is planning to show up in my life is good one but it is putting me out of my comfort zone & routine & I am not so sure what to do. will need to learn new things & not sure whether I want to go through so much pain where there is no guarantee on return on investment. but my family reminds me there r no guarantee in life. you have to take some chances. now that I have grown up so much in spirituality, I know when you step out of comfort zone growth occurs. & something better always comes out. But still struggling & I know when I write down things I feel much better




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You deserve what ever blessing is coming your w LG, zip I'm praying for you.

Just keep writing it will become clear to you.

Be well and blessed, sis



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My grandma always said "don't borrow trouble"  Change comes whether you are ready or not, and not all change is bad so try not to fret about what hasn't happened yet.  And if writing helps you be more ready for the change then that's a good thing happening now.  Plan for the worst, expect the best.  Once the plans are in place let it go and be what it will be.  You can do this.

Love Heather

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Asha, God does not bring you through something, and then leave you.  Be strong my friend, know that changes can be good, and be  the best thing for you.  I have been through so much changes, I go with the flow.  


What you have gone through, and you still standing strong. 


You are a Gladator!



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Just wondering if your new home is in the same neighborhood and by he time the boys leave home all grown up you will probably think the new house is to big for just the two of you......

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