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celebrating our silver jubilee together with prayer service & get together



Today is very special day when we both are celebrating our silver jubilee anniversary. We decided to do our housewarming party & our silver jubliee anniversary both on last weekend. It was so much fun I am blessed to have great family & friends so get together was lot of fun. I feel longer u stay together your day start to hold more meaning. we both have gone through some really great time together & some not so great & I feel it requires courage & determination to stay put & ride storm together to be able to enjoy serene water with beautiful sunrise & sunset together. Though all my happiness evaporated when my tv stopped working since kido & brother made it to work for kareoke machine & then later kido could not get it to work & brother giving me hard time to fix it again so had meltdown of all joy lol & you realize how transient happinesss is one day I m on cloud & next day I m having emotional meltdown cause my tv is messed up & I can't do my exercise & have to depend on others mercy to fix those things, since you can't do it & you start feeling sorry for yourself lol. finally brother & son had mercy on me & fixed my tv so now I feel happy & grateful again lol


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Sounds like you just got overtired and then we women get emotional.  All's well that ends well Asha, so glad you had a wonderful celebration for your silver anniversary.

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Happy Anniversary Asha!  I hope you enjoyed it.  I know I get so frustrated when things break down as if we don't have enough to cope with.  I would miss the TV too as that is our main entertainment here with the baseball games. lol 


Take care,


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Congrats to you both. IT is wonderful that you have made 25years!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That is great and a wonderful achievement, in a day and age that is now a time, that you don't work at anything, you just move on.  


Proud of you both. 



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