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I am going to pull my hair out & someone's else if I don't find solution



Windows is frustrating me for past few days. I m saving my file on desktop & when trying to find it back to send in email I can't seem to find file from my windows folder, I know I should be able to resolve the problem since I myself am nerd & it frustrates me no end that I m not able to crack this mystery & solve my problem. :( So Some days I feel like smart Alec when I figure something out & some day feel like stupid Alec. So for past two days feeling like Stupid Alec & I hate that feeling. ok update Smart Alec found another way to send documents directly attached documents from USB memory stick instead of trying to find from folders in windows. I dont have patience to figure out the first problem so found another way, job gets accomplished thats what matters.




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If you use windows 10 that is hard for me and this laptop got that but I am getting a little better in learning how to use it.... I had to get a guy from one of the computer shops to come to my house and help me get things in order for me to use by myself....

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Guest lwisman




Before my stroke I was able to sort out computer problems in "the blink of the eye." Now, it takes me days rather than minutes. I find if I give myself a lot of time I can usually n  find the solution. I find if I work on it and then leave alone for awhile, I am able to see the solution. It is frustrating!!

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Yea Asha! You go girl! I really can relate to what you are saying. Last Christmas I got Lesley an iPad. I watched her break trail and figure it out and I now have one as well. They are not perfect, some things are not as easy as with Windows such as cut and paste, but overall far easier than a pc. I still have my old windows 7 pic and use it on rare occasions to do things I just can't figure out how to do on the iPad. Where is a three year old granddaughter when you need one.........

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Asha, at least you figure out another way. Me, i have my 11year old Grandson, who lives with me, and is at that age where he still enjoys in showing off to grandma. Thank goodness .lol



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