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AHA moment about my feeling towards Change in life



Other day I was just thinking about all changes they have come in my life. Some did feel like wildfires in forest though it felt pointless at the time when I was going through it, but now looking back at it, It feels like it was perfect timing. Sometimes you need that kind of change which feels like wildfires in your life to burn dead & dry trees & weed so that something fresh can be reborn at its place. yes in wildfire along with dead weeds some of green grass can be burned too but thats the price you pay for that new growth. I remember dreading change following my stroke & moving to our new home. all changes brought lot of positive growth in my life. So I am reminding myself, don't dread change in life, it always God way of putting you on path where you meant to be on, & burning weeds & deadwood so that new life can be reborn at its place




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I can tell you that in my life the moments come and go along with the changes every day but I feel so blessed to have lasted this long already and healed as much as i have so only God knows how many more days/years I got left.... I just made it to 75 years of age on the 22nd of last month so I hope to be here until my name is called from above.....


My AHA moments come and go so I'll ride along until the train stops and like you I'll be ready healed or not.....

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Asha, so well put.  My AHA moment, came after  two years after my stroke, when I stopped blaming everyone else then myself.  I was sitting in the bedroom, and it hit me, that instead of just feeling so anrgy, so my blood pressure would not go down, so I was in the hosptial like six times. It hit me, that if my attutide changed, and I started acceppting that I needed to change, then things would change for the good for me.  Who knew, that having a stroke, would make me stop puttting worng food in my mouth, getting up and move, stop looking back, but move forward.  I now walk, go to the school, and help in the program called Reading Buddies, help with the Church, so I am meeting people, and talking about what happens when you eat wrong, do not take your medcine. Look at me, I am not perfect, but I have come along way. 


Bless You Asha



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As you know Asha, I am a great believer in seasons in life. None last forever. How long each lasts is sometimes up to the choices we make while in that season. Neat blog

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Every now and then I hear someone talking about positive growth because Of their stroke or positive changes. i am always puzzled by this. Can someone please be specific?

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Pearl :


for me my stroke taught me what is true meaning of love, is it just flowery wordsor  love you see person's actions. I learnt my husbands love language which was way different than mine, I learnt whats more important in relationship.Also in life you take so many small wonderful things for granted who knew going to bathroom without audience was my only wish when I was in rehab,  & I am forever grateful to still have those simple joys in life. those r my positive growths in life I feel my stroke was just like wildfire which burnt what was dead inside & weeds so that something wonderful can be reborn there. I feel my stroke made me more present & better wife & mother. So those are positives my stroke brought in my life.



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