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had such beautiful & feel good weekend



Recently we were invited our friends Indian classical dance performance. we have seen this little girl growing up right in front of our eyes. So hubby & I chose to went. The whole event was so well planned & feel great event. you feel happy inside seeing these young girls grown into such a thoughtful beautiful young girls, and how greatly their parents raised them. one thing that stayed with me long after when event ended was chief guest & our spiritual guru with whom we periodically have spiritual discussion at nearby temple said, He said beautiful thing that inside all of us we have desirable wishes & undesirable wishes. & when parent, teacher & student comes along & work together on working on that desirable wish. something beautiful gets born. These girls were learning this classical dance for past 6 to 8 years, & on weekend they gave their first public solo performance in front of family, friends & guests. Both girls gave beautiful speeches thanking their parents teachers for spending time, energy & money to make them stay focused on the activity, which at first they did not enjoy as much, but were thankful to parents to make them stick it out. both admitted they got more out of staying with their dance activity. I know firsthand it is so hard to make kids stick with their activity. Our son will not like to do any activity if he is not star in it from day one. So it always took lot of efforts to make him give few more tries before we both let it go though we made sure he stayed activity that mattered like his music till it was time to go to college.




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Those are the kind of weekends you can really enjoy with your family members with you That's what raising kids are all about in my opinion....

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How very true Asha, it is those who stick to an activity until they get it right who become the thoughtful and reliable people in life.  Stickability sometimes outweighs talent in becoming an elite athlete or an artist of great creativity. Many people will tell you they didn't like an activity at first but by becoming familiar with the procedure they learned to love it. I'm glad you had a good weekend and learned a new lesson from your guru and passed it on to us.

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Asha~ I always find your blogs uplifting. I've been in the dumps lately and know I would feel better if I blogged but I haven't made myself do it yet. God will only help you if you help yourself, right?  I have been readying spiritual books every day so hopefully something will touch my Spirit to get going!


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