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My New Eye Patch.



Some said try it. But I just closed one eye. Reading is Breathing. I worked hard to get my eyes working together but the double blur Annoys me. I Look normal in my glasses so none know the world I walk in. Moving patterns,Double then one then double,no depth, people moving too fast too close. Closed eyes makes my head spin. Lose my place in space.

So do I cover the weak or strong eye? The discussions continue. When will this end? ]So I detest a pirate patch, sticky p one. So online I find a glasses cover in pretty patterns. Something else to try. Maybe it will be a warning that my eyes do not work good.

No surgery will be done just yet.

Thank heavens for sight when my stroke territory could have taken it away.

Colors sometimes off but I see the beauty, I can do everything I want with my stuff.


Thank heavens there was a stylish sassy eye patch maybe will warn to keep outta my walker's way!


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Gary had a hard time getting used to the eye patch at first - he has permanent double vision, with no chance of surgery to correct it since it's both vertical and horizontal double vision.   At first, he would switch from one eye to the other, but discovered he sees best if he keeps the left eye covered.  Sometimes, he pushes the patch up over his forehead and I ask him if he's trying to cover a third eye.   lol    He's going on 12 years of wearing the eye patch, and has fun with it when little kids point at him and say "look, there's a pirate."    He's learned to come back with a nice "arrrrrrrrggghhhh" for them.    lol



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Hi Sassy, just wanted to say keep up your humour.  i love your spirit. I need to get  my eyes checked. I used to only need my glasses for reading, but now I am finding it hard, to see with then on and off!   


never mind, it is always fun and games, with Mr. Stroke.


Stay well



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Sarah: Thanks for letting me know about switching eyes,adjusting, and sometimes needing a break from using the eye patch. I too am experiencing all of these things. Good to know. I Will continue to use it. I like the story about pirate Gary and his third eye!! I will have to remember that one when someone asks why I have mine pushed off to the sides.


Yvonne: Thanks for listening and always encouraging me! Ok go set that appointment now! Isn't that it is an easy one to put off. But seeing the best possible is delightful! Yes Mr.Stroke makes himself a nuisance sometimes Just like a Joker.

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