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Everyday Has Been So Different



It seems like everyday I learn something new about Chris - what he needs - how to do things better for him and how to move him so that I don't hurt him.


This weekend has been the best spent since Chris came home. We are really getting into a routine that works and I have found out that Chris cannot stay in bed after breakfast and rest till the afternoon. When he does this thats when he seems not to sleep at night. This weekend I made him get out of bed into his chair( right after breakfast) and stay in his chair for 4 hours and then after lunch let him lay down to rest for only 2-3 hours and then get back up for dinner until its time to go to bed around 10pm. When I stay on this schedule he sleeps at night. Not quite sure why?????????? But if its works don't change it!!!!!!!!!!!! He also is getting back his sense of humor. Boy can he come out with the zingers. He emotionally seems to be returning to the way he was pre-stroke.


I have noticed that in the evening he has alot of problems feeding himself. He seems to tire about half way thru the meal and needs my help to finish dinner. The OT told me it was O.K. to help him or even feed him when he gets tired - because it will only frustrate him.


I have really been thinking about the fact - do we really need an aide - Monday thru Friday? I have had problems with the past 2 that have been here and of course the anal me - nobody can take care of him the way I do. So this is one situation that I am really thinking about. I really don't know what decision to make - but within time it will come to me.




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something to keep in mind while you decide:


you may take care of him best;but in order to give him the best care you need to take care of yourself, too - take into account that even small breaks will make it easier for you to make it through the long haul - just a thought - sending good thoughts your way,




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I too thought I could take the best care of hubby myself and didn't require any help... but when he was able to go to adult day care I then realized that I needed time to myself and enjoyed the time away... as one can't be tied to each other cause a change is as good as a rest. your hubby will improve it just takes baby steps I understand your not wanting him in a Nursing home I wkould not let them put my hubby in one either as it only makes them more depressed then they don't understand the reason and think they will never get better

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