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More Changes/Some Problems



Chris is doing very well. Clap-Hands.gif On the 4th of July, we went to a family picnic which he really enjoyed. Once it got dark our son and his girlfriend put on a fireworks display. They said the reason they did it was because Chris always for years had provided the fireworks for everyone to enjoy - and this year they wanted to do this particulary for him. thumbs up.gif We still have problems getting Chris in and out of the car. We have a basic transfer board but since Chris really can't help us it is still very difficult. Today I was looking through a catalog with his OT and we did find a transfer board that actually has a seat and would side him across it right to the seat of the car. Tomorrow I'm going to check with his PT and see if he also agrees that this board would be better to use. I need to find something that will work because I am feeling very house bound and Chris needs to get out of the house more often.


At his last doctor's appointment - the doctor is slowly decreasing the amount of Ativan he is taking per day. In her opinion she feels that the nursing home was just trying to keep him snowed. The decrease is finally allowing him to be more awake and alert. Also since the decrease he is more capable of holding a conversation with you and FINALLY he is holding his eyes open more.


I am still concerned about the amount of headaches he gets. Of course "airhead" me, I forgot to say something to the doctor at his last visit. Chris did try taking Tylenol for the headache which actually worked better than him taking Percocet.


Today he did a GREAT job with the OT. He is really building up his strength on the right side and tonight was the first meal that he ate the whole meal by himself without any assistance and without any problems. He also tonight before bed took a wash cloth and washed his face without assistance. It is amazing what we take for granted and the smallest things are an accomplishment for Chris.


He is still worrying about "where he is going to work." I continue to tell him that he should not be worrying about that, the only thing he needs to worry about is continue to work hard and regain a level of functioning.


Tonight all I could do was hug him and hold him tight. He got such intense pain in his left arm and hand that it made him cry. Sob.gif His doctor increased his Neurotin to 2400mg daily. Hopefully this will help with the pain he has - he said it feels like his arm and hand are on fire.


I am amazed as to how much progress Chris has made in 1 month.




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When my husband was 4 months out from his stroke, he had the intense arm and hand pain and he got two Botex shots....that was 4 1/2 years ago and the pain has not returned. The pain specialist that gave them to him (in the neck) said that is often the case with recent strokers---that nerves settles back down with the just one or two shots.


Glad to hear you're doing well and Chris is improving!!!



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Glad to hear of the leaps and bounds Chris is making! The first year is the toughest year, but also a year filled with a great many progresses.


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