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8 months in





I've been reading others blogs and really get a lot of enjoyment from them. I figure they are really helpful so thought I would try my own. Read if you want.


I'm now about 8 months post stroke. Many things are looking up, but there are still a bunch of issues.


I am lucky compared to some in that I didnt' get any paralysis. I am very weak though and get reminded of it all the time.


In my town we have what we call the Older Person's Center (OPC). In there we have lots of activities, but I haven't done any of the arts yet. But they have a room of rehab type workout equipment and another room for aerobics. The local hospital physical therapy group uses it as well.


There usually several of us there at the same time and we get to talk and share. One fellow I've been talking with has damage to his legs, some kind of neuropathy that was caused by gout medicine he took for 30 years.


He has a difficult time walking, but on the leg press which is one of his favorites he was talking about how he was up to 55 pounds of weight. I was impressed. I can only manage 15 pounds, but on a good day about 18 pounds. He is a good inspiration.


Another guy had a stroke and is recovering well. He can walk about 1 mile now. I am really envious since I really like to walk and did hike about 4 miles the day before my stroke. He told me he tried to ride his bike last week and immediately fell down. I can't ride mine yet either. We agreed to keep progressing and that we would ride together someday. I am sure he will get there. I sure hope I can do it again. But we will see.


I have a constant headache, practically 24/7, but it goes up and down. Today it started a little lower, but has managed to get high again. I think reading and thinking makes it hurts worse. But I have to do that if I ever want to get past it. I don't want to let this narrow my boundaries.


My daughter who lives in North Carolina, we are in Michigan, decided to move back home. But no hospitals around us are hiring. So she took a traveling nurse job in Austin, Tx and just left from visiting us. I want to go visit her while she is down there, but don't know if I can make it yet. The noise from the plane is too loud and don't know if I can manage the effort to get there yet. Just a short trip to doctor or store is enough to force me to rest for a few hours before I can attempt something else.


I like Austin and have been there many times for work.


Anyway - can't let this totally stop us.


Have a Great Day!




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Welcome and Thank you for a wonderful blog. It helps all of us. Hopefully you to.


I know what it is to miss adult child living away and being proud too. Give both of you a bit of time to settle in and reevaluate. You are at start of recovery so hold onto hope and keep working on it. I had stroke 2 yrs ago and I still have therapy outpatient at my hospital. So maybe it will not be so long for you. But do not think that recovery journey has a time limit.


I enjoyed reading about everyone. We all have a story and when we meet we are interwoven into eachothers Story.


This blog site is super supportive so I hope you will jump in. And huge Amount of reading! Chat is fun and informative. I evev went to caregiver chat a fEW times.


So I await your next blog Entry....



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Hi John, Great first blog.  Sounds like you are working hard.  Pushing through the headache can't be any fun, I'm so glad that I've been spared that and CPS (so far).  But you also need to listen to what your body and brain are telling you.  If you need to rest do.  Stroke fatigue is no joke.  And sensory overload after a stroke is a real thing that you need to manage.  It does get easier/better for most of us over time but, coming to terms with something that will take years to improve is a challenge most people stumble over sometimes. Hang in there


Best of luck with your continued recovery


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Welcome to our Blog Community John, always room for one more.  Thanks for posting a blog about your stroke, we are all involved in stroke somehow as a survivor or caregiver so it is always a subject we can learn from.  Glad we have started to get to know you.  The OPC seems like a great place to exercise and get to know others in a similar situation,sounds like you are doing well,keep up the good work.

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Thank you for this blog - great job! Since our strokes were about the same time, it is interesting to compare notes. (I still owe you a message - sorry.) Interesting to hear about the bicycle riding; I gave it a try but was very wobbly and for some reason my brain would not allow me to make a left turn. It was very weird and obviously limited progress. Heather and others are so right about the fatigue issues and sensory overload. If we don't pay attention, we pay the price. Sorry to hear that your headaches continue. We are also contemplating a flight to visit our daughter, but as you say the whole idea of the noisy plane, crowds, and hassle of the security lines has kept us from booking anything yet. I would love to hear how others have managed.


Please keep blogging!   



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