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One Year Reunion





The hospital where I went when I had my stroke and spent a couple weeks on the rehab floor had their annual rehab "party". I thought it may be a little lame but it was really nice. I didn't see any who was there when I was as a patient but I got to see a lot of the nurses, aids, doctors. I think they like to see how far everyone had come. It must feel pretty good to see the help you gave others.


I was able to express my gratitude to those who really helped me. My OT was really great and probably the most single person who helped me. She specializes in strokes and knew how to keep me moving forward. Also to slow me down if I was pushing too hard. I hadn't learned about Exhaustion at this point. :Doh:


I saw "my" aid too. He was teh one who helped my take my first 3 steps. Amazing how it is going as they can remember how you were. Something I don't fully recall. I went using some trekking poles I got a month ago (I will need to write about that in another post) and did it even though there was a lot of walking. Got totally exhausted rest of day and next day. But that is how it goes. But I got there without my roller!


Anyway I was very glad I went and if you have a chance to visit yours, go ahead - it will likely be good for you.


Thanks guys - Have a Great Day!




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Thanks for posting John, it is always good to hear a reunion story.  It's good for the staff too to see how far you have gone.  The trekking poles sound like a great idea.  Please post about them when you have time, preferably with a picture as it may help someone else who wants to leave the roller at home.

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I'm now in the 12 year zone, yes it's been that long since my stroke and my hope is "I never have another stroke in this life"..... Congrats on you first year stockflyer so time will pass pretty fast now along with your healing process....

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hi john :


thars such a great idea I m glad you went & were able to enjoy the party meeting therapists again is such a fulfilling experience for both parties

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Hi, thanks.  My son is just out of the AF and came home yesterday for a week or two.  I will try to have him take a picture when we are walking and I will post with my experience to date.


Have a great day!

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